Why I buy Vinyl

A friend asked me: “Why do you buy Vinyl, I know its because the artwork is pretty but why else?”

With the increased interest being put back into vinyl and companies like Crosley making luxurious affordable portable players; its an art which should not go unappreciated.

From the result of being a Millennial music has taken many forms for me. Although I had the brief pleasure of collecting ‘Now Thats What I Call Music’ CDs they simply cluttered my shelves and devalued over the years. Then came Mp3’s, allowing me to download my favourite albums and not have to worry about the shelf space. Now entering the era of streaming; with Spotify and the upcoming Apple Music, the worlds music library is at my touch screen fingertips. For a small fee of course. Although I choose to stream on the go, I find myself drawn back to vinyl.

But why?

It’s about having this physical thing, something to hold and interact with as you flip from A to B and maybe even C to D. Yes the album artwork can be a deciding factor but lets be real, scaling up from that poxy 4 inch to the prestigious 12 inch wonder is obviously going to be an improvement. Not forgetting the surprise sleeve art and lyrics sheet, ten times better than those old tatty album booklets.

Once that needle drops into it’s first groove you begin the artists intended journey. It’s not like streaming or playing music from your phone flitting between your favourite tracks you commit to the LP and round and round you go. Yes you may be skilled enough to drop the needle onto your desired track but that would be defeating the point right? Thats the whole reason why the artist would order the track list, create a certain flow or desired narrative perhaps.

However who am I to tell you how to listen to music. If you want to stream, stream. If you want to fill your shelves with CDs, please continue; but for me Vinyl is the way I choose to listen at my leisure, collecting my favourite artists one 12 inch wonder at a time.

Either way, happy listening.


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