Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool

Every band has a fear of becoming forgettable or a one hit wonder, but Wolf Alice had this fear before even putting a setlist together. With so much hype now surrounding upcoming bands, it’s hard to not crumble under the pressure. Emerging around the same time as Swim Deep and Palma Violets, Wolf Alice took the time to revaluate themselves, rather than rushing an LP. Some may place Wolf Alice within the grunge genre but they didn’t want to be confused with this, so they took some time out searching for the music that they wanted to produce.

A favourite amongst fan’s ‘Bros’ first graced our ears in 2012, It was initially a demo which has since been reworked twice and features on the debut ‘My Love is Cool.’ While waiting patiently for the debut album, EP’s ‘Blush’ and ‘Creature Songs’ kept the dream alive. Although these EP’s fed the fan’s hunger, none of these tracks made the final cut, however I’m sure they will make an appearance during live sets. You can read a review of Creature Songs here: http://bit.ly/1KayDul

Finally, the long awaited debut from Wolf Alice – ‘My Love Is Cool’ is here and its an absolute blinder. It lends itself through changing personas illustrating their diverse sound, appealing to a variety of listener. Wolf Alice are not a one trick pony!

Calm, soothing vocals with an air of mystery, Rowsell sings; “Keep your beady eyes on me, to make sure I don’t turn to dust.”

Opening the LP with ‘Turn to Dust’, echoes the bands fear of failing before they had even started. Moments of beauty are held with both ‘Silk’ and ‘Soap Water’ resembling similar sounds to Lana Del Rey. In diversifying their sound ‘Swallow Tail’ is the first time we hear male vocals. This stripped back, beguiling track will have your heart as it fills you with wonder, provokes thought and finishes with the signature instrumental we have all become so fond of.

‘Bros’ oozes nostalgia with its that happy go lucky vibe. It’s that belief of conquering all, as long as you have your partner in crime, that one person you trust to do everything with. In the next breath ‘Your A Germ’ packs a punch with its sharp guitar licks among impassioned chanting until ‘You aint going to heaven.’  A polar opposite to the sentiment expressed in ‘Bros.’ This angsty track will add fuel to any fire, as circle pits grow and bodies surface to wave forward, freeing your inhibition.

The track ‘Freazy’ appeals those who lust for lazy days in the sun as the cool breeze hits your face. Perfect for those cool summer evenings, cruising with the sounds of Wolf Alice washing over you.

Where as ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘Fluffy’ show that Wolf Alice didn’t completely forget their roots as hints of grunge are still prominent. Both instant crowd pleasers making even the oldest fan throw themselves around again like a sweaty teenager.

‘My Love Is Cool’ is a strong debut and was most definitely worth the wait.

Catch Wolf Alice live visit http://wolfalice.co.uk/live/


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