Something Like Happiness

Sometimes you have these moments, moments of sheer and utter happiness. These moments maybe fleeting or long lasting but nevertheless they fill you with such joy that everything seems worth it.

The Maccabees have conveyed this feeling in their recent track ‘Something Like Happiness,” not only within their lyrics but in the beautiful bright melodies washing over you, cleansing you from bitterness. A sense of euphoria builds within this tracks you can’t help but join with the ‘Ohhh’s’ freeing yourself and providing you with a can do attitude, ready to achieve desires.

“You can feel like you have to rally against things, but people know their minds and if it brings someone contentment, then good for them.” says Orlando Weeks.

I 100% believe this track delivers this feeling, providing you with the positivity to succeed.

“Something Like Happiness”  is set for release on the same day as there forthcoming LP ‘Marks To Prove It’ on the 31st July .

Listen to ‘Something Like Happiness”  here:

How does it make you feel?

Pre order Marks to Prove it:

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