My previous blog explains why I have been M.I.A, as a result I’m attempting to post more regularly. Starting with a quick round up I’m going to talk about what gigs I’ve attended and what I’m doing with my life.

My time is divided between M&S, a course in Social Media & Marketing and not forgetting attending gigs. I’m still figuring out what the bigger picture is but I feel I am getting closer to colouring inside the lines.

I’ve collected a fair few ticket stubs this year by attending many gigs. Peace, Lucy Rose and The Maccabees are just a few of the many tours I’ve attended so far.

Peace so much so, I saw them twice, both in Birmingham and Amsterdam. There were different atmosphere’s at each show, Birmingham’s crowd were amped ready to bounce into any circle pit or riding that wave to the stage. Amsterdam on the other hand, had no support act and the crowd stood in admiration. The one thing that didn’t change was the caliber of their performance; always a crowd pleasing show with Peace.

The Maccabees are a band that are close to my heart and with each time I see them that love grows fonder. There is a beauty to seeing them play, where in every moment they play you can see just how much it means to them. Lucy Rose has the same humbling quality to her sets which makes them even more intimate. Both of these artists have albums set for release this summer so watch this space, I might just review them.

Lucy Rose – Work It Out – 13th July 2015
The Maccabees – Marks to Prove It – 31st July 2015

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