With the release of ‘Happy People’ due (9th Feb), Peace give us another taste of what to expect on their forthcoming album.

Unlike previous single ‘Lost on Me,’ that provoked an instantaneous love through their pop melodies, ‘I’m A Girl’ doesn’t catch so well on that first beat.

Boy was I wrong. A bass line that gets your head banging and skin bashing drums cut with gritty guitar riffs creates a torrent of rhythm, one reminiscent to track ‘Follow Baby.’ Not forgetting frontman Harry Koisser’s screaming of ‘DO YOU FEEL LIKE A MAN?’ posing the question of what really is  a man in this modern day. The violent lyric “FUCK EAT AND FIGHT” reflects back on what a man used to be portrayed as, believing any man who cannot carry out these tasks is in fact a girl.

Peace have done it again, creating an infectious song where repeat is the only answer. ‘I’m A Girl’ Live this track will have people going mental, circle pits everywhere, sweaty teenagers crawling the crowd just get air. This track is best saved for the encore, giving that last burst of energy that will leave the crowd buzzing.

Here you can watch the video where Peace have cut four separate takes of ‘I’m A Girl’ into one 12 minute epic. My personal favourite is a toss up between the first and fourth. Maybe you can see how fast you can type those lyrics.

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