Understudy E.P

An exciting end to 2014: Låpsley made the BBC Sound of 2015 shortlist. She has this quality to completely captivate her listeners making the simplest things beautiful.

So you don’t know who she is?
Well all you need to know is she is one to watch!
Not sure if Låpsley is for you?
If you share a love for electronic music, love the sounds of: James Blake, Bonobo, The XX and London Grammar, Låpsley  is one for you.

‘Understudy’ is the latest E.P from the young female songstress from merseyside, who has created a four track E.P that I cannot get enough off.

We previously had a taste of ‘Falling Short’ at the end of 2014. Even now a couple months down the line it still make you go, WOW. The beauty lies within the vocals, you find yourself pausing, closing your eyes taking that moment to breath. It’s the kind of track with the capability to lift that ever growing weight, each moment of the exhale, that sense of calm, you linger, float like a feather being carried by the wind until the drop comes. Pause for the beauty to revel in something so pure.

‘Brownlow’ is a slow burner. In comparison to other tracks, it stands to be the most minimal having simple percussion and synths. This track seems to be filler, not to say that the track doesn’t hold its worth, because the fact of the matter is you can’t deny the beauty which lies in the vocals.

We see Låpsley’s strengths in ‘8896’ and ‘Dancing’ with the more playful melodies keeping you under a spell from that first beat. ‘Dancing’ is as good as single ‘Falling Short;’ you get that same tension from the track where Låpsley has you with the growing pulse from the dance floor, introducing the lower toned vocals. The subtle influences of house music in ‘8896’ will have you singing along to the hook if not jaunting on the off beat.

The Understudy E.P holds great promise for Låpsley, the first full taste of a collection of tracks. Excitement for this young artist comes with the strength and ambition in ‘Falling Short’ and ‘Dancing’ through the manipulation of her own voice. Yes thats right, the second vocalist you hear on the tracks is not male nor a co-vocalist, but Låpsley herself. Who knows what she might experiment with next. All I ask is for some more tracks and getting this girl into a few gigs to see if she can step up then.

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