V Round up

Its V Festival weekend and as festival goers head to Hylands and Weston for a weekend full of music.

“Bring the Vibe” seems to be the tag line for the years festival. Make of that what you will. V fest’ was my first festival so rest assured all you festival virgins and Radio One lovers, this will probably be the best weekend of the year for you. Unfortunately, for those festival veterans you may find it is over run with the under age youth drinking strongbow just because they can, or in other letters. #YOLO

This year Justin Timberlake and The Killers will be taking the top of the bill slot on the Virgin Media Stages. I know everyone loves that track Mr Brightside but, The Killers headlining V is just as cliche as when Mr Brightside comes on in a club — it’s just something we could do without.

With V becoming more of a glorified T4 on the Beach, never fear we still have some exciting acts in the line up which are a little less mainstream pop. *Potential mainstream breakthrough acts.

Just a few names:

Miles Kane
George Ezra*
Paolo Nutini*
To Kill A King
James Bay*

So if you do anything this weekend, see one of these acts i’m sure they’ll be the ones bringing the vibe!.




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