Cover Up.

If you thought that Lucy Rose was going to be another female artist with an acoustic guitar, following the likes of Laura Marling, you couldn’t be more wrong. She isn’t just a one trick pony, In fact It was about time Lucy Rose made some radio waves to prove this.

Appearing back with new single ‘Cover Up’ after working with friends; Bombay Bicycle Club featuring as a guest vocalist on ‘So Long See You Tomorrow’ you can’t help but think that the Bombay vibes might have rubbed of a little.

Nevertheless let’s not shy away from the fact it’s a strong return for the Warwickshire singer songstress. It doesn’t take long for the track to become an instant love, as the beats begins we get a sense of Lucy’s travel and the work she had done with Bombay especially through the blend of oriental vibes resonating between both the banging of the drums and synths. It becomes evident within this track that Lucy Rose could possibly be venturing away from the genre which ‘Like I use Too’ fitted into. Cover Up is so infectious that if you’re not tapping to the beat you will no doubt find yourself singing along with the hook ‘ You got me where you want. Cover Up’s appeal comes through the use of an underlying R n’ B beat which is sure to attract a much wider audience.

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