Flirting USA

As someone who became excited for the next Peace album, after hearing the track ‘Money’ I looked forward to hearing the extra track that came with the download. That was until I heard it.You would think the extra track would give us insight of what Peace are planning for album number two but if its anything like Flirting USA i can simply do with out it thank you.

‘Flirting USA’ is the additional track when you downloaded ‘Money’ and if you just want ‘Money’ I urge you not to invest in the additional track. If you had to win over a country through Flirting and Peace issued this track to seduce them, they would move on to something much better. Although it has those chilled out summery feel good vibes its nothing special infact its so similar to what they have done previously i can quite easily put the ‘Its just another Peace track’ stamp on it. The beauty of Peace was that each track was infectious not ina way to become repetitive but to always give you something better each time. So we live in hope that Peace have simply issued an extra track because they love to make music but the big winner here is Money!

Do we really need it to survive?
Read about Money here;


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