Black Lights Single Launch – Night and Day Cafe

Black lights are coming.


If you’re not from in and around the Manchester, you might not be familiar with the upcoming talent that is the Black Lights. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, your ears are  seriously missing out on some brilliant beats and you should seriously think about listening to their music.

On March 8th the band took the headline slot at the Night and Day Cafe, Manchester for their SOLD OUT single launch.  For You.
Playing alongside them were;  In their thousands, The Hidden Revolution, Daddy science.
Kicking of the set, Visions. A track which  act as somewhat of a warm up for both the band and they crowd as it the tempo gradually builds and builds until those beats become so infectious you can’t help but dance. While the crowd has their dancing shoes on the first few beats of debut single  The Enemy play out, with a warm reception from the crowd. Front man Jamie McCool began to sing, ‘Free Herrr, … ‘  and he is not alone, the venue was full of people who were bopping along singing the lyrics back. The energy in the venue was incredible and when it got to the chorus the energy the boys were thriving off heightened. The newer fans were there clearly enjoying themselves as they were swaying along to the beat, some with massive grins their faces a clear indication that these boys have serious talent. Second song in and its this good, there is no doubt about it we are in for a good night.
Throwing a new track, Keeping me up all Night where the band played with a whole lot of heart, where the track received a lot of love.  She Comes My Way a beautifully written song, where McCool’s appears to be baring his soul and his vocals have the capability to transport you to a place where you can just be and feel. From the lyrics you get a sense of reality something which we can all relate to and empathise with where each listener will connect with to track in their own way.
Going back to the In My Soul E.P from the beautiful piano melody, Wake up is the next track in the set. Already with a great stage presence Black Lights have no problems interacting with the crowd, with McCool introducing the track ‘In The Dark, you know how this goes ooooo’ and the crowd instantly responds with Higher Higher Higher before they even start to play. Away they go and for all the new fans at the venue that night it didn’t take them long to get there sway on, sing and raise their arms; Higher, Higher, Higher.
The River another new track. Down by the river we goooooo’ was picked up quiet quickly by the crowd, a fantastic new track, and quiet possibly a new personal favorite top track. Time for the Single to be well and truly launched. For You. With O’Connor meticulously picking strings creating this ambiance, soon greeted with McCools vocals where the story begins. When the rest of the band join in  it all comes together with the sound becomes a lot fuller. Different to previous single The Enemy, For You is a lot softer and  balladesk . Finishing the night with another new track; I need some Time. Running nicely of the back of new single For You, and rounding the night of perfectly with McCools soulful vocals and the melodic beats in the background, show that this band are not a one trick pony but in fact hold immense talented one of Manchester’s finest.
A set so good, that the next day I’m still singing the tracks from the night before, even the new tracks especially The River and I Need Some Time, so catchy that they became my earworms.

Black Lights are coming, check them out and seem them in the intimate venues before the make it big!

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