Foals at The Insitute, Digbeth March 6th

My preferred venue in Birmingham,
With doors opening at 6.30pm with also an early curfew Foals, only had one support act, The Invisible.

I’m a firm believer in turning up and seeing the support acts, I mean why wouldn’t unless you couldn’t make it for that time. You get to see  two bands for the price of one, with the possibility of finding a new band you love, seem silly not to coming along early. The  support act were The Invisible, who are a band from London. In all honesty I could quite of  happily listen to their music without the vocals, pretty good beats. However for me they weren’t anything to get excited about, yea OK some of the beats were class and in places i was like yea that’s cool but all in all the vocals didn’t sit right with the sound and it weren’t consistent enough for me.

The stage was quickly stripped from The Invisible kit making more room for Foals and boy did they need it. Those boys used the every inch of that stage.

I don’t know where to start!
FOALS were PHENOMENAL, entrancing, fascinating, INCREDIBLE, fantastic, awesome, mind-blowing and various other adjectives to describe how they SMASHED IT.

Its seems like I had been waiting for this gig for what seems like forever. When Holy fire had been released the excitement grew, because lets face it that album is genius. Its pretty much a faultless album and it’s going to be hard for another band or artist to write a better album in 2013.

Prior to the Holy Fire tour Yannis said; how he wanted to invest lightning fore the tour. He wanted to invest in something decent different to the generic lighting you see at most gig. They certainly did invest, the lighting is incredible how the movement of the lights changed depending on the song and its tempo. Also depending on what album the track was from determined what colour the lights were for that track.

Creating the ambiance in the room with the slow fog and low lighting, the band members come on one by one. With the swampy setting  that you first hear when pressing play to Holy Fire, it mimics the track the band are to open with, Prelude. Brilliant choice  as it set the tone for the rest of the night knowing it was going to be built upon, getting better through each track. Going back to Total Life Forever with the light-hearted beats of Miami  then take it back to again Olympic Airways, of the debut Antidotes, which ran really smoothly into one another.

What was brilliant about the set is how it wasn’t obvious, they didn’t give you the new tracks such as; inhaler or My number straight away. You heard some of the most loved tracks of the previous albums first.  Next was Blue Blood working back up through the LPs, to finally hear another track from Holy Fire and it’s not a single. When the first few notes of Milk and Black Spiders played , i was beside myself, my favorite track of the album, fantastic! What made this brilliant is how Yannis had  seemed to have his own little dance route,  for when he sang; ‘ Cause Ive been around two times and found that you’re the only thing I need’ he would move his forearm as if he was lassoing flash the two fingers and point out to the crowd. Mimicking the lyrics through actions, it wasn’t long before the crowd mirrored it back to him.
Balloons another big track from Antidotes and again where Yannis little dance moves came to play and a bit more crowd surfing and everything.  OK so we are half way through the set and we haven’t had a single from Holy Fire yet. My Number the track people have been waiting for and the crowd certainly did  chorus the lyrics back, like they have to every track so far. But there is this love for Holy Fire in the room. ‘now the wolf is knocking at my door bang-bangin’, another one of Yannis dance moves came to play. Its was like the crowd  were mind readers, everyone’s fists were in the air banging down that door. Late Night  followed slowing the tempo down from two energetic tracks, in complete awe during Late Night just watching the intricate and how meticulous the band are, showing the level of talent they truly hold. Never the less it was track that everyone still loved and echoed back.

Providence, a track which builds and builds until the lids pops and becomes volatile. the energy in the room suddenly transformed it was insane everyone was bouncing of each other unbelievable energy.  Taking it right back down Spanish Sahara, a time to calm down, and fall back in love with Total life forever all over again.‘I’m the ghost in the back of your head’ The last two tracks before the encore Red Sock Pugie and Electric Bloom, you could see it in Yannis eye it’s like he was remember how he use to play these tracks in the small venues, and flashed back to the time.

Moon, was the first track on after the encore, ‘A twisted track‘ said Philippakis. Considering Moon is a song about the end and they come back on stage and restart their set with it. So glad though, Moon is such a beautiful track, I was completely in awe at how perfect it sounded and came across. The fact the whole room fell silent while they performed this track and everyone became entranced in a slow sway while Yannis  seemed to be baring his soul to the room it was breath-taking.

Teasing the crowd the band play a short sample of Inhaler and then stop, Are you ready for this?
Inhaler, if you thought Providence was volatile that’s nothing on these melodic beats being thrown around you can’t help but sway and bob along to them. With what seems to be this playful rhythm the sound soon builds until it reaches this volatile stage, where front man Yannis Philippakis, sings ‘and I can’t get enough space’ the lid is well and truly blown. Complete and utter chaos the room became electric, bodies throwing their jaunty shapes in every direction. It was insane. As those trippy beats play out a short pause at the end, under Philippakis breathes ‘fuck yes’ grabs a drink and dries down with a towel, tosses into the crowd and returns to the mic and simply goes Two Steps Twice to finish of the night. Philippakis came of the stage walked down along the barrier playing to us all he then walked around the edge of the whole of the institute  being followed by a man with a torch while ‘babada babada babada baba ing

Everything that a gig should be. Where the music is better than what on the album because you can see it come to life. you see it take of the creators breathing more life into each song. The lighting was the best i have ever seen at a concert worked well utterly fascinating. The boys were loving every minute, so much Yannis crowd surfed multiple times, jumping off standing on, running around full of energy incredible. Even got to give the lad a pat of the back to show my appreciation, at least I didn’t fan girl like everyone else.

Definitely TOP 3 best gigs ever.

Not seen them you can catch them at this summers UK festivals.
T in the Park, Longitude , Reading & Leeds

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