The twice NME cover stars Palma Violets.

Are second on the bill for the at the NME Awards Tour 2013.

The twice NME cover stars, have had people talking for months.
Since single Best Of Friends which first hit on NMEs radar back in mid 2012, this was the single which restored faith for music lovers, that guitar bands can and are making a come back, when bands like Mona failed back in 2011.
With the debut album 108 (named after the studio in south London) set to be released on the 25th Feb the band hadn’t released much of their material for fans to hear.
After B-town boys Peace warmed up the crowd at O2 academy Birmingham next to take the stage are the band who won;ย  Best New Band and Best Track of 2012 with Best Of Friends. Londoners PALMA VIOLETS.
The crowd were pumped from Peace’s set and there was no messing about the energy was still there, bassist Chilli Jenson continued to pump the crowd up. The connection between the band and the crowd was phenomenal the energy became massive, circle pits formed for some tracks and it suddenly changed from a gig environment to something which would be in the tent at a festival, the sound and energy was massive.

Kicking of Palma Violets set, the band throw them straight into, Johnny Bagga Donuts followed by Rattlesnake Highway. Unlike Peace , Palma Violets havent released a full ep, or uploaded tracks many that they have been working on. So unless you had been to seem them in the small venues in and around London, you will only recognise the few which had been released. Next Tom the Drum was a track that the Londoners had performed in the Madia Vale sessions earlier in the year, but that’s not the track the crowd have been waiting for however the response was still good and the crowd was well into it. Chicken Dippers is a track which when it starts sounds like your about to embark on an epic quest by horse.

Finally those first few guitar beats everyone has been waiting for, The single of the year; Best of Friends, slap bang in the middle of the set. Enough to give them a taste of whats to come from debut LP 108, but those first few bars gained the best reception yet the crowd became electric with plenty of motion. The track that essential put them on the radar which was the followed by recent single Step Up for the Cool Cats which in my opinion has a kind of Vaccine feelย  to it with the vocals being fairly shouty, chanty. Last of the Summer Wine the second single which was released which showed a different side to Palma Violets, less thrashing out the beats but was a little simpler and more melodic in places. Last but one the track
We Found Love the track the band changed the name from Found love,to We found love because they wanted to be more like ‘Rhianna’ so they told NME. Finally finishing the set off with 14, which holds a different pace to the rest of the tracks played, however it still sounded big.

All in all so far the Palma Violets are living up to the hype, massive lively show the crowd were loving life, the playing itself was great where as it’s easy to make a shambles of it when you’re bouncing round the stage and calling out to your fans. Brilliant set it made me excited for the arrival of the debut LP 108



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