Miles Kane….


Probably the biggest name on the bill, compared to newcomers, Peace, Palma Violets and Django Django.
Some people may argue that he should be headlining the Awards tour, but he isn’t Django Django are.

You hear Miles Kane and think of the brilliance that he did when contributing to Arctic Monkey’s 505, the side project he did with friend Alex Turner; The Last Shadow Puppets. Kane is now getting ready to release his follow-up to 2011s debut album Colour of the Trap, which should be ready for release in spring 2013.

The crazy Mod already has a large following but i can’t help but think half the people in this venue have turned  solely just to see him.
Confident and fully pumped Miles Kane casually strolls on stage, clearly the coolest person in the room! And were off, straight into the new single  GIVE UP. The room echoed with the lyrics back to Kane, the jaunty movements coming from the crowd to the beat, I can almost confirm that everyone is the room, is in fact a Miles Kane fan.

Showcasing as set which held the most recognized tracks from the debut LP Colour of the trap, single First of my Kind and Four new tracks; one where he collaborated with the original mod father Paul Weller.
The set was as followed.;

Give Up
First of My Kind
You’re Gonna Get It, [The track which Weller had collaborated with.]
Taking Over
Counting down the days.
Don’t Forget Who You Are
Inhaler and finally
Come Closer

Of course he was going to finish the set with Come Closer. As the rest of his band walks of stage after repeating the chorused multiple times Kane turns the mic around where he sings ‘Whoa Ahhah, Whoa Ahhah‘ repeating this over and over again getting louder and louder and just as you think Kane is about to walk off stage he runs back to the mic and one more time belts out ‘Whoa Ahhah Whoa Ahhah’

A set which was full of energy and life from the start, compared to the previous bands you can that he is further on in his career, everything was spot on, sound the interaction and banter he had with the crowd just made his set even more memorable. If you thought the energy was big for Palma Violets and Peace that’s nothing. Miles Kane put on a phenomenal set, easily the best so far.

A compliment for Miles Kane is in fact a lot of people did turn up just to see him, I know this from how quickly the stalls emptied and the balcony leaving about half of what was a full venue left  headliner Django Django which was a shame for them.  That is something I wont be able to get my head around, you go to a gig for the whole experience not just for one person. Oh well the people who left missed out on Django Django’s set which was top.

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