Holy Fire

Foals are back and are better than ever!
With the follow-up to 2010’s Total Life Forever, after just 3 years Foals bring us their best album to date.  Holy Fire.


With Foals being the teases that they are, they played the new record through 3 times from a chapel in a derelict mental asylum in Peckham just, 4 days before the set release date, making you want it even more. In hearing the four tracks; Inhaler, My Number, Late Night and Moon, prior to this. To find out i have a chance to hear the record in full before its released, i would not have missed this. For the next just over two and half hours my ears were solely devoted to rhythmic beats of Holy Fire and Holy Fire alone.

On first listen it got better and better throughout the record however Bad Habit stuck out a bit for me other than that the record was consistent throughout and was sheer brilliance. Opening with Prelude Foals are laying the ground work for the album, creating this ambiance. Throughout the track the beats build on one another creating this swampy, gritty feel ready for the next track to playoff. Then comes that track we all know Inhaler, with those melodic beats being thrown around you can’t help but sway and bob along to them. With what seems to be this playful rhythm the sound soon builds until it reaches this volatile stage, where front man Yannis Philippakis, sings ‘ and I cant get enough space ‘ the lid is well and truly blown. Complete and utter chaos to the end with the trippy beats playing out Inhaler, it  swiftly plays into My Number for a lighthearted pop like track. For a break up song you can sure move around pretty freely and dance to it with it being lighthearted, saying how you will never know me, even if you think you do, you don’t.

There is something about Bad Habit I’m just not a fan of, after the three listens it’s the track I felt stuck out the most. However in saying that I’m hoping i grow to like it, as it is the only track on the record I’m not 100% on. In saying this I feel that track gets into its full swing about 2 minutes in and again particularly the instrumental 3 minutes in, LOVE IT. Everytime I feel is very much about the percussion for me which i thinks quiet cool, gave it more of that dark feeling they were going for. When I close my eyes and just listen i have like a film still of images rolling round my mind running to the beat. Next Late Night quiet possibly one of my favorite tracks of the record. Yannis sings it out so true and with it starting out quiet chilled building on that the drums come in more promenade with the rest of the instruments filtering in giving it a fuller sound as the story is being told.

To pick the pace back up; Out of the Woods is an upbeat easy to get into track as its easy listening, I mean anything that has glocks in is easy to listen to right. By the time the second chores comes in you find yourself singing along after one listen. But is it as dainty and happy as it seems? Another track I instantly fell for; Milk & Black Spiders. With this track Yannis vocals are brilliant. I feel i connected with this track  because of how literal the lyrics come across, and with the beats its like waves of sounds being tossed around your mind. Providence a track just to remind us all we are all the same when it comes down to the skin and bone of it. However the beats the boys spin of here are phenomenal, enough to have ear worms for a month. Going back to a Total Life Forever feel Stepson the penultimate track on the L.P. Stepson is a slower track on the album a put just works really well when followed by Moon. It like brings you down from the more fast paced tracks on the album and brings you back down to earth a bit. Moon is an utterly beautiful track, rounds of the album perfectly. You can tell by the first few bars that this is the end with the softness and the pace throughout. Even through the lyrics, they evoke this idea of that the end is coming and everything is coming to its death, time is running out.

Nothing to really complain about the album is beyond brilliant. The bar is set exceptionally high for all the other musicians bring out albums in 2013. It really is a work of art, it should be played in the order in which it is on the album and no other way. On first listen the album gets progressively better. On second listen you love and appreciate just how genius the more obscure tracks are. Third listen your mind will be blown how utterly brilliant HOLY FIRE really is.

Buy HOLY FIRE, it is possibly the best investment for both you and your ears, those tracks never tire.

I am looking forward to seeing them in March.


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