Two Door Cinema Club;

Two Door Cinema Club, took to Birmingham’s O2 Academy’s stage for the second night running on February 2nd 2013.

With support acts  from London band Bastille and Birmingham’s own Swim Deep who warmed up the crowd before hand, both support acts played brilliant sets. They are ones to watch through the year as both bands have debut albums coming out, not forgetting their own headline tours which both bands have nearly sold out all the dates.

Cinema club

Two Door’s set-list had an equal divide between the debut Tourist History and the second L.P Beacon.

Kicking of the night with first single of Beacon, Sleep Alone  then a quick trip back to the first album Undercover Martyn. The rest of the set read; Do You Want It All?, This is The Life, Wake Up, You’re Not Stubborn. Settle which is my favorite track of the new record which  was performed beautifully. Following Settle next came; Sun, Pyramid, I can Talk, Costume Party, The World is watching, Next Year, Something Good Can Work, Handshake. From Tourist history the track Eat  That Up, Its Good For You had a surprise installed when large inflatable balloons came flying from the balcony where the stalls were bouncing them to and fro. Any which ended up on stage the band would simply burst them, using the necks of their guitars as some form of bat. The band abandoned the stage, but they didn’t take much convincing to come back for an encore; where a further three tracks; Someday, Come Back Home, What You know were performed. What you know for the final track, the crowd went mental, everyone was dancing and chorusing the lyrics back to Alex and the band it was just really fun.

Two door

Two Door’s lighting was fabulous and worked really well with the music. When watching the band on Saturday night i felt like they were holding back and not giving all they had. However i’m not saying they weren’t good because they were, a brilliant set where you can dance around like a mad man in parts and chill out and just be in others. Where as Bastille gave an amazing performance leaving me singing Bad blood as i walked away from the academy. However what I do always appreciate from seeing it live is how sometimes you don’t always pick up on somethings they do with their instruments, nice little fills and solo‘s i just felt Two door didn’t deliver much different to whats is the record.

On the whole it was fantastic evening with three talented bands and the first gig I’ve been to this year, so you can’t fault that really.

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