Maccabees at TITP

Watching The Maccabees set at T in the Park from home,
its just not the same when you’ve seen them multiple time.

Orldnado introduces First Love as ‘This is a love song’
The most renowned song off their début Colour it in.
The Crowd echo’s with the lyrics First love last love its only love.
Keeping with the flow of the début kicking it up a gear,
To the rapid pace of XRAY strobes and jaunts encouraged.
Felix’s backing vocals have never been so slick.
XRAY always gets the crowd going creating such an energy
You can see the boys are feeding off. Which worked in favour for the next track,
Can You Give it! Felix Encourages the crowd to start pogoing.
A more obscure track off their recent album Given to the Wild they choose to bring it back
down with the melodic sounds off Forever ive known.
Where you become completely entranced.
This is where you can see how the band have progressed over the years.
In constant evolution, makes you think what’s coming next.
The sweet sounding Toothpaste kisses follows and how he managed to whistle all of that at the end amazing!
The track everyone wants to hear
such energy and with the best rendition of
About Your Dress I have ever heard half way through it returning back to Lachtmere.Its just magic.

Love You Better and Finally before they get kicked off;
Pelican their single of Given to the Wild. Where So soon when echo through the arena.
A set you just don’t want to end.

What i love about the maccabees is they love what they do and the appreciate every moment of it
The Maccabees are a pretty captivating band they leave you feeling content.
I can’t really explain it but they are
Constantly evolving.

Go see them live.
Embrace their magic.

WATCH THEM AT T in the Park; 

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