Maccabees at Wolves

My fourth time seeing The Maccabees.

Playing at Wolverhampton civic hall 18th March, The band hadn’t played here since May 2007 back at the Wulfrun Hall which I also attended. I was so excited cause I love the civic as a venue its just like being home.

The Support act were La Shark and in all honesty there were a bit strange but still quite cool. I don’t think I liked the lead singers voice. However they made some cool sounds. But at least they weren’t as bad as the support act at the Birmingham gig.

Already seeing the band on the Given to the Wild tour I just knew they were going to start with Given to the Wild followed by Child and Feel To follow. It was electric the band were so happy in comparison to the Gig they did back in January where they just weren’t feeling it.

In-between tracks the front man Orlando would converse with the crowd, thanking the support act La Shark and for performing. Also with it being Sunday, gigs are more low key because your all chilled out  and then you get ready to go back to work on the Monday morning. However this was not the case at Wolverhampton after taking the crowd only a couple of tracks the civic hall surged with with people jumping up and down crowd surfing .The atmosphere were amazing. Felix was encouraging the fans to get into it and between on track casually stated ‘BUBBLE BATH’ it was just so funny. It was good to see Rupert Singing along with Hugo giving the crowd the most humblest of smiles. Thats why I love this band they know there lucky to be doing what they love and they do it with such dignity and respect.

After Feel To Follow we went to some of the old stuff like; Wall of Arms and No Kind Words. The coming back to the newer stuff Glimmer where a giant glitter ball made the Civic all twinkling away. Next they played  Went Away At this point I am just in awe because these boys are so talented and they know how to perform and put on a good show. William Powers was next then going back to the first album Colour it in  with tracks like; First Love and X ray. With these being the tracks the fans love from the first album there was Just so much energy with the crowd loving every moment. Felix in the next track encourages people to crowd surface and really get into it for Can You Give it. Which they did me and my friends were jumping around screaming Can You Give it.

Slowing it down  to chill out with Forever I’ve Known and Love You Better where you can see how this band has truly developed and grown. They have become more able with their writing and making of the music. As far as performing music they were always blessed with that talent. The Maccabees have the potential  to be this generations big band.

Just before the encore was Pelican, What a track. With the crowd chanting So soon when. Phenomenal the atmosphere, the stage prescience everything was just what a gig should be. People loving music and having a good time.

Finally the last four tracks Ayla, Lego, Precious Times and ending on a different kind of love song Grew up at midnight.

It was something extraordinary. I would defiantly recommend. GO see this band live. I’ve done it four times and I still cant get enough they are something special.


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