Tell you once.


I loved there E.P and find there album – America Give up pretty good.

Went to see them at HMV Institute Feb 8th for only £9 not bad unfortunately you pay for exactly that.  Considering these guys are 19 they are living the life, touring different countries and just having a good time. Good for them! Keep on having a good time because it may not happen again prove me wrong.

Don’t get me wrong they can write the music but when it comes to playing live they most defiantly are not tight. Front man Jordan Gatesmith and fellow band member France Camp must have thought they were still doing battle of the bands at their high school. It amused me as France Camp did a solo set before Howler came on, he was rather nervous reserved and didn’t have much to say and then suddenly joined by Gatesmith he became a different person with a lot more energy.  Gatesmith falling over equipment on stage and being generally ignorant made me lose respect for a band I enjoyed well just those to band members.

Never the less it was an enjoyable night and the guitarist Nygaard gave me his pick. They basically played there album and because I like the album it was good shame it wasn’t tight.

Now let’s just hope they don’t let their hype corrupt them like last year’s new bands. Till then keep having fun.


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