Maccabees Gig 27th Jan

Finally found time to write my blog on the Maccabees concert in Birmingham i’ll keep it brief.

It started with a cold wet dark rainy day arriving at the HMV institute to que around the venue in the pouring rain. After securing my normal place to the right of the stage using ample tissues to attempt drying my shoes out, with the air conditioning on it was freezing brrrr.

Supporting that night were the Trailer Trash Traceys who are most defiantly not my cup of tea, who have a lack of stage presence. While listening to their set it sound like each band member was a different song to the other, very confusing. If you have seen the Renault 4+ they do the song played.

Anyways the important bit.

Love love love the fact the Maccabees came on to Given to the wild intro and then straight in to Child it’s what I predicted and  wow wow wow i just watched in awe singing along having a dancing. It was breath taking it made me fall in love with them all over again, like in 2007.  Truly amazing all the new stuff was perfect you can really tell they have mastered the craft each song sheer brilliance. A massive up lift in the crowd when pelican started the crowd came alive. Older tracks from wall of arms and colour it in never tire to get old; X-ray, No Kind words, lego, love you better etc,  There all just toooo good.

You can tell the difference in all three albums when played live showing the Maccabees constantly getting better in every single possible way. Hearing there music just makes me smile.

However with this being my third time seeing them something just did not sit right with me, like something was wrong with the band like they weren’t happy.  Strange I still loved it. Amazing

See you next time at Wolverhampton.


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