Given to the wild

Finally Given to the wild is here 09/01/11


For many Maccabees fans the wait is finally over with their follow up album to Wall of Arms in 01/05/09. That’s a good 32 months; But so worth the wait.

I am normally one for putting an album on shuffle and hearing each track as its own. But with this album I feel it is important to listen to this in order as the track list has been carefully selected as each song flows into the next. Starting the album you have a two minute intro with four lines of lyrics echo through a calming atmospheric music. Given to the wild /given to the wilder ways/While the ways of a child/Are whiled away as mesmerising nostalgic melody plays as it flows into the next track Child. I love Child/ Feel to Follow/ Forever I’m Known/ Pelican/ Went Away/ Go/ and pretty much every track it’s such a good album.

Track list.

Given To The Wild (Intro)
Feel To Follow
Forever I’ve Known
Went Away
Slowly One
Grew Up At Midnight.

I have loved the Maccabees’ since the first album Colour it in which was debuted in 2007. After Hearing tracks First Love and About your dress I founded the album and that they were playing at Wolverhampton’s; Wulfrun Hall for the small price of £8. So for such a cheap gig and to be blown away with their phenomenal sound and stage presence I still hold that concert as one of the best I have ever been to. I can still see the strobe lights for X-Ray with the crowd becoming the human currant of waves. So when they released Wall of Arms with no hesitations I booked tickets to see them this time in Birmingham yet again another amazing concert. With two incredible records and two unforgettable concerts it was safe to say I am a Maccabee’s Fan so waiting for 32 months for the third album has been a wait. Waiting for mentions of them in the studio and potential release dates to finally find out 9th January the album will be released excitement struck. The date was in the diary! This was bigger than Christmas. I am going to see them for a third time on the 27th January and 4th on the 18th March. I just love them so much.



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